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Dec. 15th, 2014 | 12:35 pm

When you have insomnia, you think of really strange things. Frex.

Weiss Kreuz has been around long enough that if its characters died at the end of the original anime (1998) (say, in the fall of the tower or whatever. maybe they were all cursed in the fall of the tower and died at various times soon thereafter, but I digress), it has now been long enough that if they were reincarnated, they're almost of age to be in an anime about Weiss (and Schwarz) again. 17 is a nice middle ground (Nagi (15) and Crawford (27) were outliers, man); old enough to be ANGSTY, (legal--well, in some places), and young enough to think being an assassin is a viable life choice. We're also working with a real narrow window here, because Yohji's crop tops are back in fashion at the moment, but will probably be out of fashion very soon. (Somebody else can break it to Omi that his clothing was never in fashion, and may never be.)

I like all the delightful ironic possibilities reincarnation offers. And do they make all the same mistakes again? Does anyone remember? Do they look the same, or different? Is Aya-chan in her 30s now, or did she continue not to age?

Brought to you by insomnia.

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Dec. 15th, 2014 | 12:16 pm

Don't miss the goodness over on the tiny fills meme!


mami_san's Crawford/Schuldig, vodkacon

lady_ganesh's Mamoru/Nagi, touch starvation


lauand's Hakkai/Gojyo, in a rock band

lady_ganesh's Sanzo (Goku/Sanzo), post-journey, with his hair as long as Koumyou's

There are many tasty prompts awaiting love, and lots of room for more prompts if you're of a mood!

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holiday/end-of-year tiny fills meme (saiyuki, wk)

Dec. 8th, 2014 | 08:51 pm

Come share a little something.

It's a tiny fills meme! And, of course, tiny prompts!

No commitments, no strings attached. Drive-by. This is the confetti of challenges, the foam on a glass of champagne. We're talking something you could write during a commercial break; while some holiday something bakes in your oven; between chapters of revision for exams; during your commute on public transport; in between submitting TPS reports from your cubicle at the Penitrode Corporation.


REQUESTERS: Submit your prompts below, one prompt per comment. (Holiday theme not necessary.) As many prompts as you'd like to request (they won't all be filled, and you never know what will tempt a passing muse, so let your desires loose!). A little small something Saiyuki or Weiss Kreuz you'd like to see during this cold (or warm, depending on your hemisphere!) season to cheer you up before we close out the year.

WRITERS/ARTISTS/CREATIVE PPL: Fulfill at will! Prompts can be filled more than once. You can post a sentence, you can post a drabble, you can post characters' text message conversations, you can post their snapchat screenshot, you can post a sketch, anything--as brief or as long as you like--in response to a prompt. YOU CAN EVEN POST THINGS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PROMPTED but that you just wanted to share with us in the spirit of the season. You can cross-post like a mad cross-posting cross-poster.

Everyone is welcome! Pimp this challenge!

(Anon commenting is not turned on, but you can use a sockpuppet account to either write a prompt or fill a prompt if you're feeling the shy requester or mysterious benefactor vibe.)

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Dec. 7th, 2014 | 10:38 pm

Okay, you guys. It is so. incredibly. quiet. around here. (by which I mean my f'list; your f'list may well be jumping, idk.) Is everyone too hopelessly burdened with holiday/end of semester/holiday-fic-commitments stuff rn to do... a small thing? Saiyuki, WK, I don't care, either/both. (But I suspect most everyone's committed/busy, y/n?)

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Nov. 29th, 2014 | 08:15 pm

Arg, been missing fandom so much. I know y'all are busy with all your holiday fic commitments... Every year I mean to find something that's art-inclusive.

I'm going kind of crazy without something creative to be invested in. Something with an audience/participants/fandom. The saddest thing in the world to me would be turning into a Henry Darger.

Spent another day throwing away old art. The oil paintings mixed in with the preschool doodles mixed in with the university photoshop midterm mixed in with the first grade wildflower contest mixed in with the Yohji x Schuldig love mixed in with high school art mixed in with four metric tons of teen years spent learning to draw. A weird batch this time. All in the bin.

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